The MIT Chapter of Engineering Without Borders is in the process of providing eletricity (via solar panels) and clean water to the the Engeye Health Clinic in Ddegeya, Southern Uganda.

EWB is also showing villagers how to make a renewable charcoal fuel for cooking food, and creating new water systems, such as a rainwater harvesting tank and SODIS water purifiers for the entire village, which now relies on one dug pond and a single well. (Children often make several trips a day to the pond, carrying jerrycans of water up to two miles each way.)

This exhibit will describe the project on posters, demonstrate how to make charcoal using banana leaves, corn cobs and banana peels, display a prototype of the rainwater harvesting system, allow hands-on water testing, and demonstrate SODIS water purification, in which plastic jugs of water are purified by UV rays and heat from the sun.

The exhibitor is Marisa Simmons.

Hosted by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.
Engineers Without Borders
Civil and Environmental Engineering Students