Robert Redwine
Professor of Physics
Director, Bates Linear Accelerator Center
Dean for Undergraduate Education 2000–2005

A lifelong researcher and specialist in the structure of protons, neutrons, and light nuclei, Robert Redwine joined the faculty of MIT in 1979 and is currently director of the Bates Linear Accelerator Center at MIT. A reluctant administrator at first, Professor Redwine discovered he had contributions to offer as director of the Laboratory for Nuclear Science and then as dean for undergraduate education.

Highlights of this interview include:

  • Postdoctoral work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Bern in Switzerland.
  • Research investigating quantum chromodynamics and understanding the transition from meson-nucleon degrees of freedom to quark-gluon degrees of freedom.
  • Work by the Task Force on the Undergraduate Educational Commons, which revised undergraduate requirements during the first few years of this century.
  • Observations on the dedication of support staff at MIT.
  • Impact of increasing diversity on the MIT community.