MIT150 Steering Committee

MIT150 Steering Committee members 2010–2011

Richard Amster, Department of Facilities

Cynthia Barnhart, School of Engineering

Anshul Bhagi '11

Dedric Carter, School of Engineering

R. Erich Caulfield SM '01, PhD '06

Alex Chan, G

Christine Chen '12

Judy Cole, Alumni Association

John Durant, MIT Museum

Ulric Ferner, G

Gayle Gallagher, Institute Events

Stephen Graves, Sloan School of Management

Paul Gray, School of Engineering

Mark Jarzombek, School of Architecture and Planning

Ted Johnson, Institute Events

Philip Khoury, Associate Provost

Kirk Kolenbrander, Vice President for Institute Affairs and Secretary of the Corporation

Daniel Li '11

Kathryn Liede, Alumni Association

David Mindell, committee chair, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and School of Engineering

Jeffrey Newton, Vice President for Resource Development

John Oldham, Resource Development

Hazel Sive, School of Science

Blanche Staton, Office of the Dean for Graduate Education

Rebecca Tyler, Institute Events

Ann Wolpert, MIT Libraries